About Blue-Band

Revolutionizing Transportation with Smart City Solutions for Agencies and Tech Innovators

"At Blue-Band, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge smart city solutions tailored for transportation agencies and technology companies.

Our innovative technology seamlessly blends the best of established and emerging technologies to build a cohesive and fully integrated smart transportation infrastructure."

- Kevin Yorke, CEO

Blue-Band creates next-generation technology solutions to help build Smart Cities that are highly sustainable, safe, and interactive

We have developed the first intelligent multi-use technology that enables smarter intersections, freeways, and parking in a single system as well as the industry’s first edge compute platform.

The autonomous vehicle movement is here! But is our infrastructure ready? Vehicles will be talking to vehicles. (V2V). Vehicles will be talking to the infrastructure. (V2I). Then, vehicles will need to talk to everything. (V2X). The importance of operational and functional technology is paramount and mission-critical for data, communications, and safety.

Telemetry for autonomous vehicles starts in the roadway, and Blue-Band’s Integrator-AI™ edge compute system works with all roadside units to send out V2X transportation safety messages from the edge, making traffic safer and more efficient with integrated asset maintenance and cabinet health as a bonus.

We help shape the smart cities of tomorrow; fueled by real-time data from the infrastructure and fused intelligent analytics, that protects vulnerable road users. Blue-Band Integrator-AI is an equitable integrated technology solution that is driving new levels of safety, efficiency, and security.

Integrator-AI™ makes it possible for agencies to balance safety and efficiency one smart corridor at a time. enabling smarter intersections, freeways, and parking in a single-edge platform. Smart corridors are the next step in providing the public with the best possible travel experience.

We create green, equitable solutions for smart city and vision zero initiatives with advanced data fused from the infrastructure, emerging technologies, and legacy devices. Integrator-AI ™ is the most versatile edge computing platform in traffic.

"Blue-Band, where Blue Technology is Making Traffic Green!"