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The Most Versatile Edge Compute Platform in Traffic!

“Our technology isn’t just another tool in the toolbox; it’s a game-changer that the industry simply can’t afford to overlook. With its unparalleled versatility and seamless integration capabilities, our edge compute platform revolutionizes traffic management, making it indispensable for optimizing transportation systems and safeguarding vulnerable road users.”
Kevin Yorke – CEO

Trusted Data

Ensures accuracy & reliability

Actionable Insights

Enables users to make strategic

Decision Support

Precise, data-driven recommendations for optimized outcomes

Our Differentiator: A Fully-Integrated Ecosystem

Discover our unique advantage: A seamlessly integrated ecosystem powered by the Integrator-AI™ Acting as the city’s central command center, it orchestrates communication between diverse devices at every site, synthesizing data for informed decision-making and real-time interventions. Enhancing traffic flow, ensuring pedestrian safety, and furnishing invaluable insights for the future. Unlock efficiency and foresight with our integrated system.

Optimizing Urban Mobility Through Smart
Technology Integration from the Edge

Embracing Innovation For A Sustainable Future

Connectivity to smart sensors, edge software integration to traffic signal controllers, and infrastructure connectivity and control are key segments within the Vision Zero initiative. Organizations operating in this space should focus on providing reliable, scalable, and secure solutions while addressing interoperability challenges and meeting the evolving needs of transportation stakeholders. By leveraging the Integrator-AI™ edge computing technologies effectively, it will revolutionize the way transportation systems are managed, resulting in safer, more efficient, and sustainable urban environments.
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The Integrator-AI™ modernizes Signal Performance Measures with SPM+, a new approach to servicing road users.

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V2X – Connected Vehicles

Integrator-AI ™ excels at seamlessly merging sensor data with infrastructure information.

A busy intersection with cars and a crosswalk. The cars are connected to each other and to the crosswalk

Adaptive Pedestrian Detection

Integrator-AI™ takes safety to the next level by activating real-time detection zones specifically designed to protect vulnerable road users.

Blue-Band: Innovating Smart Cities with Integrator-AI™

Blue-Band delivers advanced, proven technology solutions engineered for the development of sustainable, safe, and interactive Smart Cities. Our flagship product, Integrator-AI , integrates multi-use technology to streamline intersections, freeways, and parking. This trusted edge compute platform enhances traffic management by utilizing real-time data and intelligent analytics to improve safety and efficiency.

As we move toward an era of autonomous vehicles, Blue-Band’s Integrator-AI is crucial in enabling Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication, ensuring seamless interactions between vehicles and infrastructure. This tested capability is vital for future transportation networks, where operational and functional technology is essential for data, communications, and safety.

Furthermore, Blue-Band is dedicated to advancing green, equitable solutions that support smart city and Vision Zero initiatives. By leveraging data from both emerging technologies and legacy devices, we ensure all communities benefit from improved traffic management and safety. Our mission is to enhance travel experiences and ensure the safety and efficiency of our transportation systems.

Blue-Band: Where Blue Technology Makes Traffic Green!

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