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Central Florida based green, high-tech company BLUE-BAND, LLC is proud to announce that the Florida DOT’s Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL) has approved their Multi-Use Intelligent Detection Suite.  The company specializes in offering a solution to the needs of the government agencies to make the roadways efficient and safe. Managing the rapid expansion of urban areas is a daunting task for transportation professionals because the systems, for a variety of reasons, cannot satisfy the numerous requirements of urban mobility, as a result of this; it becomes a necessity to find creative ways to do more with less. In an attempt to provide the perfect solution to the roadways problems, BLUE-BAND introduces their cost-efficient way for transportation managers and staff to transform the transportation industry.

While talking about the company, Kevin Yorke, the Chief Executive Officer of BLUE-BAND, LLC. said “BLUE-BAND’S technology suite helps make our infrastructure smarter, safer, and more efficient while reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance to accelerate the deployment of an intelligent transportation infrastructure that turns our roadways into “smart-ways”.  “With BLUE-BAND’s smart devices, transporters will enjoy reduced travel times, increased gas savings, and safer roads that lead to the traveling public getting the best possible travel experience”. He added.

BLUE-BAND’S green devices are powerful, advanced, and unique.which makes them perfect to enable smarter intersections, freeways, and parking in a single system. Their devices provide cost-effective solutions for  Smart City initiatives by combining Bluetooth, vehicle detection, and renewable state-of-the-art independent power system technologies. They have developed a line of products and applications that achieves the real-time monitoring and processing of traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) while simultaneously disseminating traffic information to Bluetooth enabled device users.

The greater advantage of using BLUE-BAND devices is their ability to leverage a large existing infrastructure of Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously while offering accurate per-vehicle detection in a single hardware unit leveraging renewable energy for long-lasting sustainable power. BLUE­BAND has a patented system that is designed in both multi-purpose and modular.  They understand the effectiveness of Bluetooth wireless technology which equips them to offer a suite of products and services that continually adapt to technological advances in the traffic industry.

For more information please visit https://fdotwp1.dot.state.fl.us/ApprovedProductList/Products/Index/5220


BLUE-BAND, LLC is a green, high-tech Company that is both MBE and DBE certified based in Central Florida. The company was Founded by experienced transportation specialists, Kevin Yorke, and Carlo Adair, P.E; they created the first of its kind technology that adds intelligence directly into the pavement. Their passion for innovation and their dedication to their mission to “deploy technology that will catapult Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) into the future” is what makes Blue-Band strive to be the next generation of transportation management.


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT or Department) is an executive agency, which means it reports directly to the Governor. FDOT’s primary statutory responsibility is to coordinate the planning and development of a safe, viable, and balanced state transportation system serving all regions of the state, and to assure the compatibility of all components, including multimodal facilities.

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