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Utilizing intelligent wireless technology has become the forefront of security access and parking projects. Wireless technology has dominated the industry as the preferred method for monitoring and reporting parking activity. Vehicle detection systems (VDS) are the primary contributor to efficiently managing traffic in parking areas. Magnetometer, Inductive Loop, Video, and Radar are the top industry technologies for detection. Each of these systems has pros and cons.

The BLUE-BAND Detection Suite is the industry’s next-generation of detection devices. The BLUE-BAND Detection Suite is a state-of-the-art above ground-mounted, non-intrusive, wireless, and renewable energy powered devices designed for presence detection and Bluetooth communications.

Exclusive to the BLUE-BAND system, unique Bluetooth data provides clients with data metric information unparalleled in the parking industry. The combination of sleek and efficient design with new-age data communications provides clients with unparalleled parking system management functionality. The dual-detection system is capable of providing customized metrics that utilize the raw data sets of presence and identification enabling functionality such as: per-vehicle time-of-day access, parking trends, time-based access control and management, and general system performance trends. All of the system’s dynamic metrics are captured in real-time and stored for parking system manager use. The dynamic and customization provided by the BLUE-BAND parking system will increase efficiency and security at any facility.

  • Smart Parking Management Systems
    (SPMS) for Garages, Car Parks and
    On-Street Areas
  • Truck Parking Availability Systems
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Access Control Systems (ACS)
  • Gate Control Systems (GCS)
    for Parking Sites
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Access Control
  • Capacity Tracking
  • Metrics & Statistics
Key Features

Bluetooth-Enabled Access Control Systems (ACS)

With BLUE-BAND's unique access control system, a Bluetooth dongle or Bluetooth-enabled device registered to the BLUE-BAND system provides simple and secure access management. The BLUE-BAND access control system can also be used to generate revenue for preferred parking guests. Registered preferred guests of the system will have access to reserved parking spaces. Violators would quickly be identified in real-time, reducing the additional cost of on-site security enforcement.

Gate Control Systems (GCS) for Parking Sites

BLUE-BAND's parking system provides simple gate control. Installing the BLUE-BAND Detector with BLUE-BAND gate control unit (GCU) provides wireless ingress and egress functionality, so you can open and close a gate via vehicle detection wirelessly.

Smart Parking Management Systems (SPMS) for Garages, Car Parks and On-Street Areas

Capacity tracking is critical. The BLUE-BAND parking system provides flexibility to clients. The modular design allows capacity tracking by the facility, row and space. You can give customers the ability to go directly to open spaces and reduce congestion in your parking system. Data from detected vehicles combined with data collected from Bluetooth devices will produce trends in parking patron behavior.

Truck Parking Availability Systems (TPAS)

The BLUE-BAND TPAS system is modular, wireless and renewable. It also includes expandable features. BLUE-BAND provides true per vehicle length classification at the ingress and egress of a truck parking facility. The ability to classify and assign a vehicle classification to a space-based on proprietary software algorithms is paramount in maximizing the safety TPAS safety initiative.

Technology Comparison:

Blue-Band ARM
Inductive Loops
On Pavement Yes No Yes Yes
No Occlusion Yes Yes No No
Self-Powered Yes No No No
Gate Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access Control Yes No No No
Bluetooth Yes No No No
Per-Vehicle Tracking Yes No No No
Per-Space Management Yes Yes No No
Low Maintenance Yes No Yes No
Wireless Yes No No No

Parking Enforcement


Remotely managing the enforcement of a parking facility will increase revenue and reduce repeat offenders. No more need for parking attendants to make periodic checks. You will receive in real time the timestamp of when a space has been occupied and when it is vacant.

Access Control


Providing access control using Bluetooth unique MAC addresses with BLUE-BAND patented access control dongle or a Bluetooth enabled phone registered to the parking system is simple and secure.This access control system can also be used to create revenue for preferred parking guests.No more need for VIP spaces, anyone on the system with a registered MAC address as "preferred" will be a guest with the privilege to access reserved parking spaces.

Capacity Tracking


Capacity tracking is important and flexible with the BLUE-BAND ARM unit. The ARM allows capacity tracking by row, space, or facility. Give your parking guests the ability to go directly to open spaces and reduce congestion in the parking area..


Data from detected vehicles combined with data collected from Bluetooth devices will be able to produce trends in not only parking but the routes most commonly taken by the parking public. Knowing common routes of the user will be information needed to validate enhancement to segments of the parking area , flow control for vehicles entering and exiting a parking area, and validation for adding a revenue based parking area in the parking facility.