Traffic Applications



Utilizing intelligent wireless technology has become the forefront of Traffic, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Security, access, and parking projects. Wireless technology has dominated the industry as the preferred method for monitoring and reporting vehicular activity. Vehicle detection systems (VDS) are the primary contributor to efficiently managing traffic. Magnetometer, Inductive Loop, Video, and Radar are the top industry technologies for detection. Each of these systems has pros and cons.

The BLUE-BAND Detection Suite is the industry’s next-generation of detection devices. The BLUE-BAND Detection Suite is a state-of-the-art above ground-mounted, non-intrusive, wireless, and renewable energy powered devices designed for presence detection and Bluetooth communications.

Unique Bluetooth data provides clients with origin and destination information. The combination of sleek design with new-age data communications provides clients with unparalleled traffic system management functionality. The dual-detection system is capable of providing customized metrics that utilize the raw data sets of presence and identification. Together these metrics enable functionality such as time-based access control, traffic management, and general system performance trends. All of the system’s dynamic metrics are captured in real-time and stored for the traffic manager use. The flexibility provided by the BLUE-BAND detection system will increase safety and efficiency in all transportation applications while providing intersection detection and contact closure inputs to the traffic cabinet for signal actuation.

  • Active Traffic Management (ATM) Systems for Road Applications
  • Bicycle Detection Systems (BDS)
  • Bluetooth Data Acquisition (BDA) for Travel Time Systems, Probe Data and O&D
  • Intersection Movement Count (IMC) and Turning Movement Count (TMC) Analytics
  • Adaptive/Responsive
  • Origin & Destination
  • Performance Metrics
  • Presence Detention
Key Features

Active Traffic Management (ATM) Systems for Road Applications

Agencies can incorporate BLUE-BAND technology in an ATM approach to address a specific need such as ramp metering. It helps manage the flow of traffic onto a freeway or a combined approach to meet agency-wide needs of traveler information, congestion management and safety for synergistic performance.

Bicycle Detection Systems (BDS)

The BLUE-BAND detection system can be flush-mounted and visible to bicyclists, removing the guesswork of the proper detection area for riders. Our wireless communication, renewable energy platform, and quick replacement cradle makes citywide bicycle safety comfortable and hassle-free.

Bluetooth Data Acquisition (BDA) for Travel Time Systems, Probe Data and O&D

BLUE-BAND U-ID detectors do not have the same restrictions as most other devices. They have a wireless footprint that can be placed on each approach and tailored U-ID encryption for global travel time systems.

The flexibility of BLUE-BAND technology gives each end-user the choice of remote connectivity through their secure internal network. A Cloud option is also possible by adding their cellular modem or through the Blue-IOT add-on.

Intersection Movement Count (IMC) and Turning Movement Count (TMC) Analytics

BLUE-BAND technology provides real-time analytics used to make decisions about the geometric design of a wide range of components. These include the roadway, signal and sign installation, traffic signal timing, vehicle classification, pavement markings, capacity analysis, and traffic circulation patterns.

Technology Comparison:

Blue-Band ARM
Inductive Loops
On Pavement Yes No No No
No Occlusion Yes Yes No No
Origin and Destination Data Yes No No No
Self Powered Utilizing Solar Energy Yes No No No
Gate Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Discovery For Driver Statistics and Metrics Yes No No No
Low Maintenance Yes No Yes No
Access Control Yes No No No
No cables wireless system Yes No No No



An adaptive or responsive system is only as good as the reliability of the detection at the intersection. The BLUE-BAND traffic system is not only accurate but can report all data necessary for traffic signal timing engineers to produce the best timing design. The high accuracy of the BLUE-BAND traffic system allows free operation of signals to work more efficiency which reduces congestion and reduces overall travel time.



BLUE-BAND traffic system can also provide origin and destination information. Each detector has the ability to gather Bluetooth data in the area closest to them. This ability to have more nodes looking for Bluetooth identification makes the BLUE-BAND system have higher penetration and provides more Bluetooth reads for higher accuracies in travel time predictions.



Data from detected vehicles combined with data collected from Bluetooth devices will be able to produce trends on travel routes most commonly taken by the identified sample set of travelers. Knowing common routes and their time of day trends will be information needed to validate enhancement to segments of a signalized corridor.



Accurate reliable detection at an intersection is the heart of moving vehicles through a corridor efficiently. The BLUE-BAND traffic system is wireless and self-powered and provides accurate detection. The system is modular so you can update a portion of the intersection with reliable detection and then complete the rest later. The flexibility and durability of the BLUE-BAND traffic system is game changing technology.